Meet Samuel Ramsey one of our afternoon speakers at the 7th Annual Natural Beekeeping Symposium, February 4th. He’s a PhD student studying in Dr. Dennis vanEngelsdorp’s lab at the University of Maryland, College Park. Read on to learn more and register for this event!!……

Samuel Ramsey’s enduring interest in entomology started 19 years ago and shows no signs of waning.  Ramsey tries to maintain a focus on how insect research can benefit the public through the development of IPM strategies and STEM outreach initiatives. Ramsey studied entomology at Cornell University as an undergraduate focusing on Predatory/Parasitic insect behavior. His current work focuses on the effects of honey bee parasites on individual and colony level survivorship specifically targeting Varroa destructor and Nosema ceranae.

Samuel’s presentation,  Varroa Feed on Honey Bee Blood and 2 Other Popular Beekeeping Myths , will focus on the often quoted statement: “Varroa destructor feed exclusively on the hemolymph of adult and immature bees”.

It’s considered to be such an obvious fact that it often goes without citation now in scientific papers. But there is very little if any experimental support for this universally accepted conclusion. His project, in partnership with the USDA and Project Apis, has shown that Varroa are actually feeding on a very different tissue, the fat body, leading to a diverse host of pathologies that have never been explained by the hemolymph model. With a better understanding of how this parasite impacts its host we can develop novel forms of control and new methods to remediate the health issues common to infected colonies

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