About the Guild

The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild has grown from what began in 2009 as a small, informal group of local beekeepers. Because of the swift growth of our membership, The Guild quickly established itself as a not-for-profit organization.

We hold meetings regularly at the St. James School, 3217 Clearfield St., 19132, at 7:00 pm on the third Thursday of each month (generally). Our meetings are open to the public. We believe this location to be central to our wide membership of Philadelphians; the extensive grounds allow us to have a teaching apiary. Its community room can accommodate a large group and offers adequate parking as well as a comfortable, safe environment.

Thanks for your interest, and please reach out to us at any time on our Contact Us page. We hope to see you at our next meeting!

Our Mission:
Located in the cradle of American Beekeeping, the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild works to encourage and promote urban beekeeping through fellowship and education, and to raise awareness of the importance of bees to our environment.

Why do we say we are in the “cradle” of American Beekeeping? Because Philadelphia is the birthplace of Lorenzo L. Langstroth, the inventor of the removable frame hive based on the concept of “bee space.” Without this hive style, American agriculture would be severely hampered. Lorenzo was born at 106 South Front St. on Christmas Day in 1810.

Not only that, but Langstroth’s “eureka” moment – when the whole design of this hive came clear to his mind – occurred as he walked from his apiary in West Philadelphia, back home to center city one night in 1851. So, the concept of bee space materialized (his discovery) here and the hive (his invention) was designed and patented in Philadelphia.

Referring to the births of the inventor, his idea, and his design, we consider Philadelphia the “cradle of American beekeeping.”

Our Committee Work:

We execute on our vision and mission by dividing the “work” across committees.  Guild members are encouraged to contribute in areas of personal interest.  Currently, we have six committees.  Take a look:  PHILADELPHIA BEEKEEPERS GUILD COMMITTEES- JAN 2017.  If you have a particular interest, please join in.  We can always use another pair of hands to help the honeybees in Philadelphia!

Read the Guild By-Laws HERE.

The Guild Board can be reached at info@phillybeekeepers.org:

President – David Harrod

Vice President – Davey Rance & Sarah Plonski

Secretary – James Romancheck

Treasurer & Membership Coordinator – Laura Hart

Communications Coordinator – Kathy May

Immediate Past President –

Member Representatives – Norris Childs,  Mike Gonzales, Randy Frederick, Kirk Wattles

In 2010, The Guild was instrumental in raising this historic marker, honoring Mr. Langstroth and his contributions to beekeeping, here in Philadelphia. It can be found at 106 S. Front Street.