This Month’s Meeting: “Ask a Beekeeper!

Read on for details and catch the location and time below in the event section of our site.

Our meeting will begin at 7:00 pm with an “open hive” discussion.  You’ll find us at the outdoor apiary (on the St. James property to the left of the buildings) when the weather is good.  The forecast at present shows there may be rain, in which case we will take advantage of the indoor “observation hive” St. James has in the classroom.

At 7:30pm  we are proud to present: Ask a Beekeeper! New beekeepers and tenured keepers alike always have lots of questions as we start a new beekeeping season.  So, this meeting is devoted to answering all your burning questions.  A number of the Guild’s more seasoned and experienced beekeepers will be on hand to provide answers.

Not sure if you want to become a beekeeper, but you’ve found this page?  This is a great meeting to attend.  You’ll meet some folks and gain insight into the world of the honeybee

Here’s a sample of possible topics:
Issues relevant to spring management: Package installation, queen release, nuc installation, splits, mite management, feeding, hive and frame maintenance, management of stripped off beeswax and propolis, location, hive body reversal, how to check hive welfare, entrances, ventilation, and much more!

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