Register now to attend the 7th Annual Natural Beekeeping Symposium, participate in the Raffle and you could win….

Compliments of Mann Lake Beekeeping Supply: 10 Pound Pro-Winter Patties, 100G Pro-DFM Microbials, 10″ Stainless Hive Tool, or a Mann Lake Cap!

Compliments of Shady Nook Bee Farms:  A Basket of Soaps and LipBalms!

Compliments of Fisher Bee Farms: One Nucleus (NUC) colony!

Thanks to Worcester Honeybee Farms: One package of bees!

Thanks to Philly Home Brew: A 1 Gal. Mead Making Kit with Honey!

Compliments of Wild Creek Bee Farm: A Basket of Lotion and Lip Balms!

Compliments of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild: One Custom Painted Hive (5supers, 8 frame, mediums)!

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