Delaware University Presents :  Caveat Emptor: Let the Honey Buyer Bee-ware!

By Vaughn M. Bryant,  PhD


Palynology Laboratory

 Texas A&M University

Wednesday March 1, 2017

7 pm

Life Sciences Building auditorium

Doylestown, PA

Park in Admissions parking lot (see below for directions)


The lecture is free and open to the public.


The Apiary Society of Delaware Valley University presents Dr. Vaughn Bryant of Texas A&M University via skype.  Professor Bryant is a world renowned expert on pollen analysis in honey (melissopalynology).  He has published widely on the use of pollen analysis to determine to the geographical origin and nectar sources of honey.  Moreover, he has shown that by removing all pollen from honey it makes determining the place of origin and knowing the key nectar sources as well as the potential adulteration nearly impossible to detect.  One other major problem is that the U.S. has no laws to enforce truth in labeling for any honey products sold to consumers.  Dr. Bryant’s presentation will be of interest to anyone who eats honey as well as to those concerned about food adulteration.

To Admission Parking Lot

The Life Sciences building is near the corner of New Britain Road and Butler Ave (aka State Street) in Doylestown, PA.  Once on New Britain Road watch for the signs to Admissions.  Make the first right onto Admission Drive.  You will see a large parking lot on your right.  Once parked in this lot

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