3:00 pm — 5:00 pm
St. James School
3217 W. Clearfield Street

Philadelphia, PA 19132 United States
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General Information:

We always begin at 7:00 pm with an “open hive” discussion.  You’ll find us at the outdoor apiary (on the St. James property to the left of the buildings) when the weather is good.  During the winter or inclement weather we take advantage of the indoor “observation hive” St. James has in the classroom.  Bring your questions!

Our keynote speaker, Don Coats will begin at 7:30.

Don Coats will present “How Sick Is Normal”.   Don Coates, VM, a retired veterinarian beekeeper with 20 hives, is devoting study time and personal resources to explore the hidden world of beekeeping – anatomy, diagnostics, and pollen.  Introducing other beekeepers to the exciting, often basic, discoveries provided through microscopy has been a personally rewarding experience over the past three years.  Don has accumulated a substantial number of pollen images for eventual publication. Monitoring Nosema and its enigmatic relationship to hive health have become a major focus.  Searching for a clinical approach to evaluating colony health, he is developing a score sheet that applies number values to hive inspection elements. Using this protocol, he has organized a “field seminar” to dialogue with other beekeepers on this and other topics. Applying methods and concepts used in the clinical practice of small animal medicine, he hopes to build on the existing knowledge base for evaluating hive health in order to improve survival rates. For more information see www.citizensciencebeekeeping.com  .


July 20, 2017
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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