This is a friendly reminder to please go online and complete two very valuable and important surveys.  The last day to complete the surveys is April 30th.  

I cannot stress enough how important these surveys are for YOU and YOUR honey bees……..

You have the opportunity to contribute to information which will be used and studied by many different people. A few minutes spent sharing your experiences and information will impact the bee world for years to come.  As you probably guessed, the individual survey information is CONFIDENTIAL. The results are compiled and sorted and that is what is shared.

The first survey is offered by The PA State Beekeepers.  Their survey is a Winter Loss Survey for PA beekeepers.  Please go to their website, , to complete this confidential survey. It is a quick and easy survey and the results will be posted quickly.  After you are done taking the survey, be sure to look at all the information and interesting articles on the site. Check out the listing of local beekeeping organizations. There are a lot of great groups spread across PA.   If you are not yet a member of PSBA, you may want to consider joining. It is a great organization and geared to help PA beekeepers.

The other survey is offered by the Bee Informed Partnership. Please go to their website   and then click on “Take the Survey Now!”. There is additional information below about this survey – The Bee Informed Partnership Colony Loss and National  Management Survey. PLEASE take a few minutes and complete this national confidential survey. YOU have an important role in BOTH of these surveys! This survey does take a few minutes to complete, but it is VERY, VERY worthwhile and a good use of your time. It has a worldwide impact.



I can’t stress enough how important YOUR participation is in these surveys.  These surveys have a huge impact on beekeepers in PA and throughout the United States.  The results are used by many people and play a large role in determining the outcome of many programs affecting honey bees and other pollinators, as well as beekeepers.

PA has had the highest response of any state or commonwealth almost every year.  Let’s see if we can break our record of responders this year! Please remember that more data, from more beekeepers, will help provide a better the survey, with results that will help YOU and YOUR BEES!


Karen Roccasecca / State Apiarist

Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture

2301 N Cameron Street

Harrisburg, PA 17110

Phone:  717-346-9567 / Fax:  717-783-3275



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