For the March 16th General Meeting, the Guild is pleased to announce our speaker will be the well regarded beekeeper, Randy Oliver!  Randy, lives and works in California, but will be joining us via Skype……

Randy’s website, is a great source of information for all beekeepers, both novice and master keepers alike.


Randy began keeping bees as a hobbyist around 1966, and then went on to get university degrees in biological sciences, specializing in entomology.  In 1980 he began to build a migratory beekeeping operation in California and currently runs around 1000-1500 hives with his two sons.


In 1993, the varroa mite arrived in California, and after if wiped out his operation for the second time in 1999, he decided to “hit the books” and use his scientific background to learn to fight back.  He started writing the in  American Bee Journal in 2006, and has submitted articles nearly every month since then.


His writing for The Journal brought him requests to speak at beekeeping conventions, which has also allowed him the chance to visit beekeepers from all over North America and several other continents.  He reads most every scientific study relating to beekeeping and regularly corresponds with beekeepers and researchers worldwide.


You won’t want to miss this month’s meeting.  Observation Hive discussion and General Q&A begins at 7:00pm with Randy Oliver’s talk beginning at 7:30pm.


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