The Board of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild consists of the offices: president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.   Along with several Member Representatives, these folks set the meeting programs (topics and speakers), plan special events (symposium, short course, honey festival), and steer the Guild in activities that further the mission of the Guild.

Some of the Member Representatives take on special roles such as Membership Coordinator, Website Maintenance, and Communications.  Other Member Representatives simply add their voice and perspective to the activities described above.  Entry onto the Board is often as a Member Representative, which allows a person to see what the Board is about, how it works, and whether one wishes to hold a future office on the Board.

Any member of the Guild may serve on the Board, making it stronger when new and diverse perspectives are added.  Guild members interested in joining our Board should inform any current Board member, at any time during the year.  The expectation is that Board members attend at least 75% of the Board meetings, which are held once a month.  Further, those who hold office are expected to fulfill the normal duties of that office with the aid and guidance from the rest.

Elections are held during the January meeting each year.  The term of officers are two years in length, while term of representatives may be one year, although a commitment of two years is appreciated.