We are your local beekeepers

The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild has been a Philadelphia Institution since 2009. We’ve taught hundreds of our neighbors the basics of beekeeping and provided opportunities for all Philadelphians to experience bees. For fourteen years our Honey Fest has celebrated all things bee and honey and provided our members an opportunity to realize a little profit from their passion. We are Philadelphia’s beekeepers and we keep Philadelphia’s bees. If you are an Institution of any size, a non-profit organization, an urban farm, or public space we’d like to talk to you about keeping bees for you, speaking to your students or membership, or developing programs to bring your community closer to bees and to nature. If you are a company or private individual that wants to host bees, we’d like to connect you with LOCAL beekeepers who would love to do this work for you. There are plenty of beekeepers in Philly. This is where you can find us.

Why you should join us

Honeybees are one of the many, many bee species that our landscape depends on. We keep honeybees and we care about all the bees. We can all agree that bees are important right? By joining the Guild at any membership level you will support our mission to support bees and beekeepers and get valuable benefits.

Beekeepers to help you with whatever you need

Our members can do a lot

Whether you need some fresh local honey, want to dive into a hive, or need some help with your hives our beekeepers offer a wide range of services. Our Answers section provides links to more information on who can help you with what.

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