Guild Committees

Bees in flight, returning to the hive

Board of directors

The Board runs the show. Board members head most committees and make things happen. If you really want to make a difference the board is the place to be. Email if you are interested in being on the board.

Education Committee

The Education Committee is responsible for running our beekeeping classes and developing programs for non-beekeepers, schools and whoever else would like to learn about bees. If you know bees or education it’s a great opportunity to learn the other or combine them. Contact to request information or join the committee.

Events Committee

The Events Committee runs Honey Fest and coordinates with other groups to support and participate in events all over the city. The events committee is great if you like slinging honey on a warm summer day. You don’t have to know much about bees, just have a positive attitude and like being the star of the show. To volunteer or join the events committee contact us at

Apiary Committee

The Apiary Committee keeps the bees. We have partner apiaries all over the city and the committee works to support them and plan and oversee our beekeeping work. The apiary committee is great if you have some experience and love sharing your love of bees with the broader community. Contact to get in touch, volunteer, or join.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee manages the web site, promotes our programs, develops content and generally keeps us in the public eye. Beekeeping experience is optional but helpful. If you have any experience with digital development or marketing, writing, or social media skills we’d love to have you on the Comms Committee.

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