The Guild’s Board

Beekeepers and the Birdnester Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Any paying member of the Guild may serve on the Board, making it stronger when new and diverse perspectives are added. Guild members interested in joining our Board should inform any current Board member, at any time during the year. The expectation is that Board members attend at least 75% of the Board meetings, which are held once a month. Further, those who hold office are expected to fulfill the normal duties of that office with the aid and guidance from the rest.

Elections are held during the January meeting each year. The term of officers are two years in length, while term of representatives may be one year, although a commitment of two years is appreciated.

Our officers and their typical duties are as follows:

  • Board President – leads the board, calls meetings to order, schedules monthly meetings, fundraising, general figurehead. Typically a two year commitment.
  • Vice President – presidential back-up, primarily responsible for Guild Operations and making sure everyone is on the same page. Also typically a two year commitment with elevation to President assuming no scandals.
  • Secretary – Responsible for meetings, relationships with other organizations, obligations and commitments. Has come to take a major role in organizing Honey Fest. No term limits.
  • Treasurer – Responsible for Guild monies. Pays our bills, reports to board on finances. Holds permissions for bank accounts and other financial operations. No term limits.
  • Communications Coordinator – Originally called Minister of Propaganda this person makes sure that everyone knows what we’re doing and comes to our classes and events. No term limits.
  • Past President – Not strictly speaking an officer,  the past president typically remains on the board to offer advice and support. Typically a two year commitment.

In addition to the officers, and the immediate past-president the board may also seat up to 5% of the paying membership as member representatives.

Member Representatives join the board to pursue a specific project or interest, or to support ongoing projects. Members make the Guild work and are why we are doing this in the first place.

The current Board Members Are:

Dave Harrod – President

Katie Krebs – Vice President

James Romanchek -Treasurer

Carissa Moncavage – Secretary

Lynnette Mager Wynn – Communications Coordinator

John Juzbsich – Member Representative

Eric Schoefer – Member Representative

Aleicia Phulwani – Member Representative

Omi MuhammadMember Representative

Cris Larson- Member Representative

Jeff Eckel – Member Representative

Mark Berman – Member Representative

Norris Childs – Past President