Beekeeping services

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Private apiary locations & other services

If you have a private residence or business and you want to have bees need a consultation or any other services the beekeepers on this page are ready to help you.

  • Dave Harrod – Beekdaddy LLC

    Beekeeping Services for Clients If you want some bees in your yard, garden, or bonnet give me a call. I can keep your bees on a contract basis if you […]

  • Eli St. Amour – Eli’s Honey Bees

    (484) 243-0473Eli.stamour@gmail.comBased in: Main LineWill catch swarms: With-in 30 minute drive of PhiladelphiaHoney bees only, no wasps/hornets, no 311 calls please.

  • Jeff Eckel

    (215) in: Northwest/GermantownWill catch swarms: All over the region

  • Eric Schoefer

    215-906-3586ericschoefer@gmail.comBased in Northwest PhiladelphiaWill catch swarms, no defined rangeHoney bees only, no wasps/hornetsWill do cutouts

For public spaces, schools, non-profits

The Guild has a program to support bee hives in public spaces, at schools, and for other non-profit groups. Partners pay the Guild for this service and the Guild gives back most of the honey produced and provides employment for beekeepers. Please see Guild Beekeeping for more information.

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