• Please fill out the winter loss survey

    The Penn State Center for Pollinator Research is now administering the annual winter loss survey for Pennsylvania Beekeepers. As you know, this data is tremendously  helpful in assessing drivers of […]

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  • Pollinator Grant Opportunity

    The GIANT Company and Planet Bee currently have a pollinator grant open with a quick turnaround time, but I wanted to send it your way in case you knew of […]

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  • What about these new memberships?

    What about these new memberships?

    So you may have noticed that our membership options have changed a little. Yes. Yes they have. We’ve written a few e-mails about this but essentially we need to update […]

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  • Focus on Charles Henry Turner

    Focus on Charles Henry Turner

    Early pioneer in the field of insect behavior Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923): Charles Henry Turner trained as a zoologist and did groundbreaking work in the fields of entomology and comparative […]

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  • 2023 is a red year

    2023 is a red year

  • Welcome to the new website

    Welcome to the new website

    Hey! It’s great to see you here. Welcome to our new web site. We’ve put this off for a long time but it’s finally here. We’re trying to do a […]

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  • Honey Fest 2022

    Honey Fest 2022

    Don’t miss Honey Fest 2022 – Coming soon in September For schedules, see our Honey Fest website Honey Fest 2022 Sarah Plonski The PHILADELPHIA BEEKEEPERS GUILD celebrates the Honey Harvest […]

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