• It’s big! It’s bold! It’s Saturday December 16

    It’s big! It’s bold! It’s Saturday December 16

    Bigger than the Super Bowl! Jollier than Christmas! Sheds more light than Hanukkah! More beyond than Saga Dawa! All other celebrations tremble at its approach! It’s the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild […]

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  • AgrAbility Seminar

    You’ll have to sign up by December 11 to attend this one, but Purdue University is presenting a Webinar on Adaptive Beekeeping for People with Disabilities and Veterans Wednesday, December […]

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  • 2024 Guild Classes & Workshops

    2024 Guild Classes & Workshops

    This year we’re offering our classic Introduction to Beekeeping class as well as an ongoing class for folks who are starting or continuing their Beekeeping Journey. We also plan to […]

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  • Oxalic Acid in the crisp autumn breeze

    Oxalic Acid in the crisp autumn breeze

    Oxalic acid can be a very effective mite treatment during the winter brood break. Oxalic is a relatively well tolerated treatment and when the mites are all outside of capped […]

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  • It’s that time again – 2024 Board Selection

    It’s that time again – 2024 Board Selection

    These are just a few of the fun things you can do and fun people who have done them before and served on the Board. And Board selection is something […]

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  • Extra Extraction?

    Extra Extraction?

    Are you a member of the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild at the Hobbyist or Beekeeper level? Do you have some honey to extract? Would you like to extract your honey in […]

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  • We were on the morning show!

    We were on the morning show!

    It was a beautiful Tuesday morning in the bee yard (or apiary) when Drew and Jared from Fox29 met us to have a look at the bees for the Good […]

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  • Honey Fest Sales Trends

    Honey Fest Sales Trends

    We need your honey! Honey Fest is fast approaching (only two weeks and a day away as of this writing). So far six beekeepers have signed up to consign honey […]

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  • Piping

    There’s an interesting discussion on Bee-L about piping (if you don’t know Bee-L you should check it out). In 1964 Harald Esch wrote the following: Harald Esch, 1964: Novices that […]

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  • More and better barriers

    More and better barriers

    This weekend the Apiary Committee put in posts for our new barrier between the apiary and the road. You can see the apiary on the left side of the image. […]

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