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Bees on top of frames with pollen patties

These Guild members are selling bees in our area. We only list beekeepers who are registered with the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for selling bees. We know these sellers and have found them to be reliable. We do not endorse anyone nor can we be responsible for your experience with any given beekeeper. In most cases these sellers will ask to see your apiary registration before selling bees.

NOTE: We post updates as we receive them.

  • Justin Shiffler

    JUSTIN SHIFFLER:  Hat Trick Honey 1113 Miller Road, Pottstown, PA 19465 484-752-2527

    Local overwintered stock.  5 frame deeps = $180.    Some mediums available; also whole hive options – call for pricing

    We are licensed and inspected to sell bees in PA.
    Justin and Jessie are Members of: Chester County Beekeeper Association, Montgomery County Beekeepers Association, Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild, Berks County Beekeepers Association, Pennsylvania State Beekeeper Association, EAS Eastern Apiculture Society, and  AAS American Apitherapy Society

  • Vince Master Beekeeper


    For 2023, I have several kinds of nucs available, each consisting of five medium depth frames, including adult bees, three frames of brood of varied ages (all of which are offspring of your marked queen), as well as frames of pollen and honey.

    Nucs with a variety of queens will be available at various times:

    • Nucs overwintered in PA, containing queens raised (offspring of a VSH breeder queen or other local survivor mothers)
    • Nucs with 2023 Carniolan queens from the Hawaiian Queen Company
    • Nucs with 2023 queens locally raised from local survivor mothers.

    To see details and reserve a nuc, please see:

  • Swarmbustin’ Honey

    SWARMBUSTIN HONEY: – Reserve Now for Spring 2023!

    Nucleus Colonies for Sale
    AVAILABLE EARLY APRIL: 5 frame Nucs in non-returnable Jester boxes originating in central PA, bounced to Georgia to harness the early honey flow, split down, & bounced back.


    Available after re-emergence of drones & all Summer long
    Call for pricing; discount on ten or more! More than 2 colonies enhances beeing self-sustainable!
    Email or call 510-384-2384; include name, phone, email & desired # of nucs
    Free Monthly Workshops! – Dates TBD

  • Worcester Farms

    Packages available for pickup April 2 and April 30 ($125 and $130 w/queen marked) (2022 dates)
    5-frame Nucs: when nucs are ready, we will work with you to find a time for pickup (deeps@$205).
    For questions, ordering information, or status of bee pickup, see
    Also:  Queens@ $34; marked queens@$39.  EMAIL:

  • Huff’s Honey Farm

    HUFF’S HONEY FARM–   –  New for 2023, we are offering Over-Wintered Nucs in addition to our usual April and May Nucs.

    These Over-Wintered Nucs are made of colonies that have overwintered successfully here in Pennsylvania.  We raised the queen here in PA during the previous summer and the Colony + Queen was completely overwintered in PA.  They can be picked up on either pick up date. The cost is:
    Over-Wintered Nucs – $250 each

    Similar to previous years, we are offering our normal 5 Frame Medium Nucs with 2 pick up dates.
    April Nucs – $185 each: tentative pick up date Saturday, April 15th.
    May Nucs – $170 each: tentative pick up date Saturday, May 6th.
    When you buy from us, you are buying our bees – Our Queen breeding program specifically targets mite tolerance.  For more details and to order please see “2023 Nucs for Sale”    We have been selling out these past years so please don’t wait until the last minute. We have been getting many requests for exceptions to the pick up time and date; we now charge a $30 fee for anyone who requires an alternate pick up time or date.    Contact: Josh Huff,

  • Street Corner Bees

    Street Corner Bees:  Spring 2023, available mid-March and on.

    Local over-wintered survivor stock bees in various whole-hive configurations — single 10-frame deeps, or double 8- and 10-frame mediums. Also available: 5-frame med/deep nucs.

    BYO woodenware and/or delivery options in the immediate area. Inspected and licensed to sell bees. Contact through Facebook or

  • Exton Bee Company

    Exton Bee Company: We are accepting orders for 2023 package bees, nucleus colonies, and queens. All stock is mixed Italian/Carnolian (same great bees as previous years).

    Package Bees (3lb bees & a queen) are $135 each.  Available pick-up dates are:

    • Saturday March 25, 2023
    • Saturday April 1, 2023

    5-Frame Nucleus Colonies are $225 each.  Available pick-up dates are:

    • Saturday April 15, 2023
    • Saturday April 22, 2023

    We are also offering:

    • Individual mated queens are available on these dates for $40 each.

    The pickup address for packages & nucs is 1230 Pottstown Pike, Glenmoore, PA 19343.
    See our AMAZING Google Reviews by searching for Exton Bee Company, then click “see all reviews”.
    More information can be found on our website.
    You can order online at our website,

  • Kirk Wattles

    (215) 432-4383

    Based in: West Philadelphia
    Will catch swarms: West Philly and immediate vicinity
    Honey bees only. NO wasps, yellowjackets or bald-faced hornets.

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