Huff’s Honey Farm

HUFF’S HONEY FARM–   –  New for 2023, we are offering Over-Wintered Nucs in addition to our usual April and May Nucs.

These Over-Wintered Nucs are made of colonies that have overwintered successfully here in Pennsylvania.  We raised the queen here in PA during the previous summer and the Colony + Queen was completely overwintered in PA.  They can be picked up on either pick up date. The cost is:
Over-Wintered Nucs – $250 each

Similar to previous years, we are offering our normal 5 Frame Medium Nucs with 2 pick up dates.
April Nucs – $185 each: tentative pick up date Saturday, April 15th.
May Nucs – $170 each: tentative pick up date Saturday, May 6th.
When you buy from us, you are buying our bees – Our Queen breeding program specifically targets mite tolerance.  For more details and to order please see “2023 Nucs for Sale”    We have been selling out these past years so please don’t wait until the last minute. We have been getting many requests for exceptions to the pick up time and date; we now charge a $30 fee for anyone who requires an alternate pick up time or date.    Contact: Josh Huff,

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