It’s that time again – 2024 Board Selection

These are just a few of the fun things you can do and fun people who have done them before and served on the Board.

And Board selection is something we do this time of year.

Our by-laws specify an election every year for every member of the board. In practical terms no one has ever contested a current board member or been denied a seat if they wanted to be on the board.

This year we have an opening for Minister of Propaganda or Communications Director as you prefer. As with all Guild Executive Committee roles this is a volunteer role. You will be in charge of communications with the public and the membership for the Guild. You will manage the calendar, the web site, and our e-mail campaigns.

We also need a Treasurer in waiting as our current and long suffering Treasurer James is looking to transition out of the role eventually. If you are interested in either of these roles please use the Contact Us form and let us know.

The other officers will continue in their current roles:

  • David Harrod – President
  • Katie Krebs – Vice President
  • James Romanchek – Treasurer
  • Carissa Moncavage – Secretary

If you would like to replace any of these folks in these roles, we will have an election at the November meeting. Otherwise no election is needed.

Current Member Representatives on the Board are:

  • Eric Schoefer
  • Cris Larson
  • Aleicia Phulwani
  • Jeff Eckel
  • Mark Berman

If you would like to serve on the board as a member representative we ask that you select a mission. Please use the contact us form and let us know what you want to do.

Board members are required to attend a minimum of 75% of board meetings and to pursue their mission.

Board members receive Beekeeper level member benefits including preferred vendor status if no conflicts exist and pricing is competitive.


Our committees can be headed by any member in good standing.

Committee heads agree to run the programming and business of the committee, reporting monthly to the full board and working with members to accomplish the committee’s goals.

Committee heads are de-facto board members with the benefits described above and are expected to attend meetings whenever they have activity to report. In practice this should be most board meetings.


We will announce any developments in the makeup of the board at the November Monthly Meeting. If we need a vote we will do so at that meeting. If the meeting does not constitute 10% of Guild membership we will have an online vote. If an online vote is needed we will announce the results at the December Pot Luck and Business Meeting.

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