Lorenzo L. Langstroth Historical Marker

In 2009 the Guild…

worked with a wide array of beekeeping luminaries and organizations to erect an historic marker at the site of Lorenzo L. Langstroth’s birth.

This page was published then to commemorate the efforts of the many folks who worked with us and contributed money, time, effort, and caring to make this happen.

Many of these folks are still around although some have apparently disappeared from the world wide web.

Many of the expenses relating to the marker have been borne by private individuals associated with the Guild. Your donation now would have helped reimburse them – and get your name on this page! And our undying gratitude!

The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild is proud to be the hometown sponsor of the worldwide effort to commemorate Lorenzo L. Langstroth on the occasion of his 200th birthday in 2010.

This effort to honor LLL is being led by Carl Flatow of The Science Friday Initiative‘s Down to Earth Program. You can read Carl’s Blog and Check out more great science information at the Science Friday Web Site.

There are numerous events planned this year by groups all over the world, and we will be posting notices of them, no matter where they are, on our calendar as we receive news of them.

The Historical Marker

The Pennsylvania Historic and Museum Commission has approved an application to place a marker at the birthplace of LL Langstroth on 106 S. Front St. in Philadelphia. The Guild is raised funds to fund the marker.

Donations were used exclusively to fund the production, installation and dedication of the historical marker.

All donors who do not wish to remain anonymous will be acknowledged on this web site. Individual donors of amounts over $200 and organizations donating over $500 who wish to be acknowledged will be recognized at the dedication ceremony on Sept. 10, 2010 and on this web site.

This effort has been most graciously endorsed by the Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association by an initial gift/donation of $1000.00. We thank them most sincerely.

Credit where credit is due:

This effort would not have happened without the hard work and initiative of Matt Redman. Matt has been researching Langstroth and his family for many years and has been instrumental in securing permissions and support for the Langstroth Historical Marker.

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