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If you’re seeing this you should be a Bee-Lover member. If you’ve gotten a membership expiration notice, or would like to switch from Bee-Lover to another subscription type use one of the choices below to get a discount for the on the first year equivalent to a Bee-Lover membership. After that it will renew at…

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It’s great that you love bees! So do we. You’re probably here because you were a Free member of the Guild when we migrated to the new web site in April of 2023.

Paid membership in the Guild gives you access to various benefits. We have three tiers of paid membership and a couple of lifetime memberships.

Bee-Lover memberships at $25/yr help support the bees and give you access to video and class content on our web site. We have a discounted Bee-Lover membership for students and seniors of $15/yr. Since you are already a Bee-Lover we’re offering these subscriptions for $0 today. They will renew in a year at the regular price.

Hobbyist memberships are $50/yr and provide access to our certified honey kitchen at Awbury and allow you to sell your honey through our consignment program. This upgrade path will give you a $25 discount today and renew annually at $50.

If you’re trying to make a living as a beekeeper the Beekeeper level at $100 lets you advertise on our web site and help guide the direction of the Guild. This upgrade path will give you a $25 discount today and renew annually at $100.

In past years our beekeepers have earned quite a bit more than their annual dues.

The Hobbyist and Beekeeper memberships have Lifetime options which are equivalent to 5 years of dues. The options here upgrade you to those memberships with a $25 discount applied.

The alternative to the paid memberships is to subscribe to the web site. That’s free and we just need your e-mail. You’ll get our posts and e-mail communications so you’ll be in the loop.

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