The Guild has experts to speak on a range of topics

If you’d like to have a beekeeper visit your group, class, or event we’d like to help make that happen. Beekeepers have lots of interesting stories and can talk at length about almost any bee related topic. Bee sex? You bet. Candles? Of course. Honey and its health benefits? At length. In fact you may have trouble getting us to shut up. We also love children and we have observation hives full of bees to share with them. It’s a lot of fun.

These are beekeepers who will be happy to come speak with your group. The Guild recommends a $50 speakers fee for most organizations but each speaker is free to charge whatever they like. All fee arrangements are made between the organization and the speaker directly.

These members would like to sell you some of their honey

Mark Berman – Speaker

Speaking While generally shy and retiring Mark loves to talk about bees and will do so at any opportunity. My Story Mark and Anna started keeping bees in South Philadelphia in 2015 after taking the Guild’s Intro to Beekeeping class. Mark now keeps around 10 hives at a community garden and loves to talk about…

Norris Childs – Wissahickon Honey

No web site.Can speak to any group on bees, beekeeping, candle making. Experienced with kids and adults.Trauma surgeon and Navy officer while beekeeping and prior to retirement.

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