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Honeybees in mid-swarm on a fence with vegetation and a hint of clouds

This is a swarm of honeybees.
In a swarm there is no nest, only a cluster of honeybees.

Not a swarm

Wasp nest hanging in leafless winter tree with vibrant blue sky

This is a wasp nest.
There are no insects visible, just a hanging paper nest.


Typically honeybee swarm removal has no cost.  The beekeeper will keep the bees as “payment”.  Please discuss any extenuating circumstances with the beekeeper. Some of the beekeepers listed below will also remove wasp nests but usually for a fee.

A cut-out happens when honeybee colonies are removed from soffits, roofs, or inside building walls. It is illegal to kill honeybees, and if you kill them without removing them you’ll have a the equivalent of a couple pounds of rotting bees and up to hundreds of pounds of honey in your wall. Cut-outs can be expensive. Fees vary.  Please discuss this with your provider. This page lists beekeepers who will do cut outs.

The removal of stinging insects such as hornets and wasps is generally a matter of extermination and handled by pest control companies. These insects are beneficial if they are not harming people please see Penn State Extension guide to whether they should be removed.

Beekeepers who will make swarm calls:

  • Anna Bee’s Honey – Swarms

    Swarms Will catch swarms: within a 12 mile radius of center city.Only catches swarms lower than 15′ off the ground, outside (not inside homes/buildings) My Story Mark Berman started keeping […]

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  • Dave Harrod – Beekdaddy LLC

    Swarms I will catch swarms in either Mt Airy, Germantown, North Philadelphia, Wyndmoor, Wyncote, Elkins Park, Manayunk, Roxborough, Layfayett Hill, Flourtown, Glenside, Jenkintown. I don’t do cut outs. If we […]

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  • Kirk Wattles

    (215) 432-4383 kwattles@verizon.net Based in: West PhiladelphiaWill catch swarms: West Philly and immediate vicinityHoney bees only. NO wasps, yellowjackets or bald-faced hornets.

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  • Joel Eckel

    We Bee Brothers(215) 298-2365webeebrothers@gmail.comBased in: Northwest/GermantownWill catch swarms: All over the region

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  • Eli St. Amour – Eli’s Honey Bees

    (484) 243-0473Eli.stamour@gmail.comBased in: Main LineWill catch swarms: With-in 30 minute drive of PhiladelphiaHoney bees only, no wasps/hornets, no 311 calls please.

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  • Jeff Eckel

    (215) 350-7846instarapiaries@gmail.com.Based in: Northwest/GermantownWill catch swarms: All over the region

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  • Eric Schoefer

    215-906-3586ericschoefer@gmail.comBased in Northwest PhiladelphiaWill catch swarms, no defined rangeHoney bees only, no wasps/hornetsWill do cutouts

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For more listings in Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks County:

See the Montgomery Beekeepers Association swarm removal listings:

For more listings in Chester County: 

See the Chester County Beekeepers

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