Package Bees & Nucleus Hives (Nucs)

In 2015 the Guild started a program to raise and overwinter nucleus hives to provide members with bees in the spring and reduce our club’s reliance on southern or western packages. If you’re a member you can sign up to work in the nuc yard in order to get priority consideration next spring. See this page for more information.

We don’t expect the nuc program to meet all of our springtime bee needs any time soon, so please consider some of the local suppliers below.

Please note: The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild does not make any endorsements and is not responsible for any part of your transaction with the vendor. Listings are here for your convenience. Do your homework and let the buyer beware.

If you are offering packages, nucs, or queens this year and you would like to be included on this page please contact

Here are a few folks who are selling bees in our area:

    1. Vince Aloyo, PhD, Master Beekeeper – For 2017, I will have several kinds of nucs available, each consisting of five medium depth frames of adult bees, including three frames of brood of varied ages (all of which are offspring of your queen), as well as pollen and honey.  Types of nucs I plan to have include overwintered nucs with a 2016 queen raised from my local survivor stock, nucs with 2017 purchased Carniolan queens and nucs containing 2017 queens raised from my local survivor stock. These different types of nucs will be available at diverse times, starting in March.  For more information, go to my web site:
      I am PA licensed (C2016-113, through October 12, 2017) to sell Queens and Nucleus colonies. As part of this program, my queen rearing apiaries are inspected by the PA Department of Agriculture twice a year, typically at the beginning and end of the active beekeeping season. I use no antibiotics in my beekeeping operations.
    2. Worcester Honey Farms –  Order your packages now!  At 2:00 P.M. on the day of pickup, see a demonstration on installing package bees. Conveniently located in the exact center of Montgomery County  Package includes 3-pound workers with Italian queen. For questions, ordering information, or status of bee deliveries, see Email:
    3. Tesla Bee Supply (Chris Biondi) is once again offering packages from Mann Lake (via California).  Chris says – “I was never a big package fan, but these California packages performed so well compared to some nucs I purchased last year that I am now onboard.  As you know, the closest Mann Lake outlet is in Wilkes-Barre, PA which is a long drive.  I decided to team up with Mann Lake and bring their packages into West Chester, PA for local pickup.”  Please see the attached flyer,
    4. Bjorn Apiaries in Lewisberry, PA.  Spring packages in April; Northern stock queens and Nucs in season.  phone 717-938-0444
    5. Mann Lake Ltd. – Our neighbor to the north sells package bees and every other dang thing.
    6. Martin Billingsley – AKA Martin Bee is selling southern packages. Find out more at his site.
    7. The Lehigh Valley Beekeepers are going to order package bees. You can find out more on their website.
    8. Wild Creek Bee Farm – -Chris Maxwell, a small commercial bee operation out of northeast Pennsylvania will be offering serveral hundred nucleus colonies with genetics from northeast PA.  You can email Chris at
    9. Swarmbustin’ Honey is offering local Nucleus Colonies in the Spring & Summer of 2017!
      Please go to 911HONEY.COM updated with NICE medley of READS!
    10. Skunk Hollow Apiaries – Guild member, Margaret Zittle shares that she’ll have bees in 2018:         Nucleus colonies with local stock and established queens are the best way to start a colony that grows fast and is productive.  PA licensed and inspected nucleus seller. For more information contact Margaret Zittel  215-534-6503

Other Listings – These folks have listed with us in the past, but don’t have web sites or we haven’t heard from them recently. If you can’t source bees above, it’s worth giving them a call.

  1. Warren Graham:  Nucs and queens from local Northern Survivor Stock. Call Warren  at 610-565-2032
  2. Dan Borkoski: Queens produced from VSH/Carniolan stock mated with local survivors. Dan Borkoski may be reached at 443-854-6533 or
  3. Pete Bell:  New Castle, DE selling 5-frame nucs and queens bred in Delaware.  Available late spring/early summer but reserve now.  443-350-6926.
  4. Don Carns:  Millersburg, PA selling 5-frame nucs and queens bred in upstate Pennsylvania.  Available late spring/early summer.  Must specify deep or medium frames in advance; must bring your own box to carry them home.  717-692-4468.
  5. J&J Apiaries, Tunkhannock, PA (Poconos) 570-836-4108
  6. Bees-N-Trees, Hummelstown, PA – Package bees from Georgia call 717-329-3216

Small Cell Bees

  • If you are interested in purchasing small-cell bees, you may contact the Seaborns of Wolf Creek Apiaries in Tennessee. They sell and ship both packages and nucs. More information can be found at:
  • If you’d like more general information on small-cell or natural-cell bees, look here.


  • Jeff Eckel is selling Philadelphia-raised queens bred from cold-hardy overwintered survivor stock. Contact him at or 215-350-7846 for availability and pricing.
  • Montgomery County Queen Rearing program is led by Scott Famous. Montgomery County Beekeepers Association members can get queen cells from hygienic and survivor lines as available throughout the season.
  • Gingrich Apiaries LLC in Dover PA is selling queens. Mark Gingrich was one of the presenters at last year’s symposium’s local queen rearing discussion. Find more information at (under construction) or email at


Please note:  The Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild does not make any endorsements and is not responsible for any part of your transaction with the vendor.  Listings are here for your convenience.  Do your homework and let the buyer beware.

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