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Membership Levels


Free membership will keep you informed of what we’re doing and let you volunteer to support our events, and activities. If you’re not sure that beekeeping is right for you, or you’ve decided that it isn’t and you want to stay in the loop it can be a good option.

Bee lover

This is our basic membership level for folks who want to support our mission, get more in depth information about bees, and participate in our community.

Bee Lover membership is included with our beginners class and gives you access to class recordings and other exclusive content.

If you’re over 65 you get $10 off.


Hobbyist membership is for folks who might have a few hives and would like to sell a little honey to offset their expenses. Read more about membership benefits here. It includes use of our certified honey kitchen and the opportunity to sell at Honey Fest and other events where we sell our honey. For details on the terms for selling honey see our Consignment Guidelines. (you will have to volunteer at a few events).


If you’re trying to make a little money with beekeeping you should consider Beekeeper membership. It includes all of the benefits of the Hobbyist level plus we’ll do everything we can to help your business thrive. Read more about membership benefits here.
You’ll be able to list your products and services on our web site and social media channels, link to your own site if you have one, get on our swarm list, and be eligible for speaker and beekeeping opportunities provided by the Guild.


Lifetime membership applies to either the Hobbyist or Professional levels. The benefits are the same, but you’ll never have to pay dues again and you can lock in current pricing.

If you want to join at the Hobbyist or Beekeeper levels but cannot afford it please contact us. Our dues are low for what we’re offering so we’ll want to understand your financial situation, but we can definitely work something out.

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