Bee Chat!

Zoom PA, United States

Bee chat is always hot! Are you puzzled by something you see in the hive? Not sure what you should be doing about foul brood this month? Looking for a queen? Curious about native bees or native plants? To split or not to split that is the question. When are they going to start/stop swarming? […]


Winter Solstice Celebration

The Farm at Awbury 6336 Ardleigh St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

The Winter Solstice and Business Meeting is the last bash of the year and takes the place of the monthly meeting.


Event Series Guild Monthly Meetings

Guild Monthly Meeting

St. James School 3217 W Clearfield St, Philadelphia, PA, United States

This is our monthly Meeting. We have different speakers each month. If you’re seeing this it means we haven’t scheduled a speaker yet. Please check upcoming meetings for scheduled speakers.