Cut Outs

Removing Bees – aka Cut-Out

If you have bees living in the walls or other enclosed spaces of a building or a tree you probably need a cut out.

It’s illegal to kill honeybees and if they’re in your wall you don’t want to. Imagine several pounds of poisoned rotting meat surrounded by up to hundreds of pounds of honey. Better to get a beekeeper to take them out and give them a new home. The beekeepers below are experienced with cut outs and can help in these situations.

Beekeepers who will do cut outs:

  • Eric Schoefer

    Based in Northwest Philadelphia
    Will catch swarms, no defined range
    Honey bees only, no wasps/hornets
    Will do cutouts

For more listings in Montgomery, Berks, and Bucks County:

See the Montgomery Beekeepers Association swarm removal listings:

For more listings in Chester County: 

See the Chester County Beekeepers

The removal of stinging insects such as hornets and wasps is generally a matter of extermination and handled by pest control companies. These insects are beneficial if they are not harming people please see Penn State Extension guide to whether they should be removed.

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