Guild Beekeeping

The guild wants to bring beekeeping to every neighborhood of the city. We work with schools, non-profits, public spaces, and urban farms to set up small apiaries that provide community access to bees and honey. If your organization or space is interested in working with us please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

The Farm at Awbury Arboretum

The Guild has been keeping bees at Awbury since 2015. We have about a dozen hives there and it is our primary teaching apiary. This apiary is accessible to the public and we are often there on weekdays and weekends messing with the bees.

We try to be in the apiary during Awbury’s Sunday Fundays. Guild members with any level of experience can volunteer for Sunday Fundays.

A hive full of bees at the Awbury Apiary

Philadelphia Orchard Project

We manage two hives at the Woodlands for the Philadelphia Orchard Project. This apiary is not accessible to the public but POP encourages community members to arrange times to visit.

Contact them at…

Penn Beekeeping Club

The Guild and the University of Pennsylvania Beekeeping Club have been working together for a number of years. The apiary is in the Penn Yards section of campus near the Tennis courts. The apiary is not open to the public but the club visits frequently. If you’re a UPenn student contact to find out more.

St James School

Located in Allegheny West the St. James school is a good friend of the Guild. We have been working with them for many years and we hold our monthly meetings in their cafeteria. We are returning to St. James after a pandemic related hiatus and if feels great to be back.

Guild Beekeeping Contact Form

If you’re a non-profit of any sort, an institution, school, public space, urban farm, or any kind of community group we would like to help you have bees. This is generally a paid service but we will bend over backwards to work with you. By working with the Guild your group will get continuity and a guarantee that you will have bees as long as you want them. Most of the revenue from this program goes to the beekeepers who do the work. If you’re a private individual or business please consider using one of our local beekeepers for your beekeeping needs.

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