Dave Harrod – Beekdaddy LLC

Speaking and Events

I can do events and presentations but who knows what I’ll say on any given day. During the warmer months, and some of the colder months depending on circumstances I can bring an observation hive full of bees so you can catch bee fever too.

My story

I’ve been keeping bees in Philadelphia since 2006. I started because I saw an observation hive at my daughter’s school and became enchanted. The bee fever has only gotten worse since then. In 2022 I joined the great resignation and left my job as an analyst to keep bees full time. We’ll see what happens.

I was one of the founders of the Guild and I currently serve as the president of the board. I am trying to put the Guild on a professional footing and to make it possible and even profitable to be a beekeeper in Philadelphia. We’ll see how it goes.

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