Honey kitchen

Wax cappings being removed from a honey frame The Guild has partnered with Awbury Arboretum to have the Educational Center kitchen certified as a honey house. This means you can legally extract and bottle your honey there for sale through any venue. We want you to use the honey kitchen! The sign up below is for folks with up to 30 frames. If you have more than that get in touch with us. The kitchen is available weekdays for a nominal rental fee. We can arrange extraction of almost any volume. Here’s how it works: Join us! Use of the Guild’s certified honey kitchen is a benefit at the Hobbyist and Beekeeper membership levels. Sign up for up to four half hour time slots using the SignUpGenius link for the date you want. An hour should be enough to do a one or two super’s worth. You’ll have to clean up when you’re done. There […]

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