It hasn’t really rained in Philadelphia in over a month. Stuff is drying out. New Jersey is on fire.

So, be careful with your smoker folks! You should have some water with you every time you go out to put the smoker out. We don’t want to start any fires. It’s late and I’m having trouble coming up with much more to discuss, so I asked the artificial intelligence for help.

Here’s what it said:

Beekeepers should take extra precautions when using their smokers during a drought to avoid the risk of starting fires. It is important to have water with you at all times to put out the smoker. Drought conditions can also make it more challenging to find reliable water sources for the bees and may lead to a lack of nectar and pollen sources. Beekeepers may need to supplement their bees’ diet to ensure they have enough food to survive. Additionally, with dry conditions comes an increased risk of fires, so it’s vital to exercise caution and vigilance when using the smoker, always keeping water on hand.

Not bad advice.

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