We need your honey!

Honey Fest is fast approaching (only two weeks and a day away as of this writing).

So far six beekeepers have signed up to consign honey this year. That’s somewhat lower than in previous years, last year we had 13. Some of the missing are board members and long time sellers, so hopefully some of you will come into the fold soon.

The signup form is here

You need to be a paying member of the Guild to sell honey, but we’re pretty sure you’ll make more than your money back if you do.

Last year our 13 vendors sold an average of 18 @ 1 pound jars of honey, and 28 @ half pound jars . Not everyone sold those sizes of course but those were the most common. On average each of our beekeepers made $487 on sales of $609 at Honey Fest. Most also sold honey at other events throughout the year as well and the average total payout was about twice that.

Most of us pack our honey in one and half pound jars, and those are our biggest sellers.

A few less common items consistently sell out:

  • Cut Comb – if you make it, it will sell. There’s never any leftover.
  • Lollipops – there’s really no limit
  • Tiny bottles – two ounce bottles, baby bears, etc. all sell out consistently
  • Decorative bottles – again, they little glass bears and skep jars tend to do very well.

In previous years we did not track the data in a way that was easily broken down like this. If there is interest (add a comment) we can try to look at that.

In conclusion – sign up to sell honey! We want as many of our members to participate as possible.

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