March 29, 2003: Our second lecture session dives into what an apiary actually is, what could go wrong in an apiary (and so what to wear and be prepared), and what we’ll see in our Saturday workshop session on April 2. And much more! Contents: Getting ready: 04:40. Introduction: Housekeeping, Agenda, Teachers 10:25. What is an apiary? Beekeepers around the world! 31:14. Video: Slovenian Beekeeping 35:02. Apiary Hazards 47:49. What to Wear 52:09. What we will do in the apiary 59:24 Video: Making Packages (in Georgia) Installing a package/nuc: 01:09:12 What a package looks like 01:11:36 Installing a package 01:16:53 What is a nuc? 01:18:48 Installing a nuc 01:19:05 . . . either way (what to do) 01:22:39 what to do if you’re not starting a new colony 01:23:57 Q & A Video: Early Spring Inspection (with Dave Harrod) by Patricia Yanez of Creative Synergy 01:31:51 Video: Early Spring Inspection 02:05:11 Q & A PDF […]
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