This weekend the Apiary Committee put in posts for our new barrier between the apiary and the road.

You can see the apiary on the left side of the image. The road runs down the right side but is not visible here.

When ‘activated’ the posts will have largish fabric panels suspended between them, plus some guy-wires and turnbuckles to keep everything stable.

The idea here is that by providing a soft barrier between the bees and the road the bees will be encouraged to fly up and over the roadway and be less of a nuisance to the general public.

The worst time for nuisance is of course swarm season. But other times may call for a little protection of the civilian population.

We would like to illustrate these panels and decorate them if possible.

We would also like to raise money to fund the purchase and decoration of the panels. We don’t know exactly how much this will cost. Blank material is likely to be a couple hundred bucks with several options.

Design and execution of whatever we decide to put on them is another matter. Does anyone in the Guild, reading this post have any expertise with this kind of thing?

Let us know!


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