Hey! It’s great to see you here. Welcome to our new web site. We’ve put this off for a long time but it’s finally here.

We’re trying to do a lot more with the site and make it more useful to everyone who keeps bees, likes bees, or likes honey in the Philadelphia region. We’re getting this out here but obviously it’s going to be a work in progress, hopefully forever.

The main pages are

  • Answers – start here if you want to know something about bees or beekeeping in Philadelphia. If you’re a beekeeper and want to help answer these questions consider joining.
  • Events – start here if you want to attend or volunteer for an event, take a class, or celebrate bees. If you have an event and would like us to attend contact us.
  • Join Us – start here for membership options. If you like bees at all, you can join us. We even have a free membership which will put you on our mailing list and let you volunteer. Try us out. You’ll probably enjoy it and we’re all very nice people. Bees and beekeepers are special. At least we think so.

There’s lots of other things to see and do here, so look around. We have a lot of committees, an interesting history, an inspiring mission, and big plans for the future. We’d like you to be a part of it!

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